Five Anti-Virus Programs You Can Try for Zilch

There are many anti-virus programs that you can download or purchase at BestBuy, Staples, Office Depot, Amazon, Ebay or anywhere else you shop. As with cars or any other personal property there is always a lively debate about which is the best.  And, that is always a matter of opinion, right? Nevertheless, here are five free antivirus programs that are arguably just as good or better than the paid stuff.
Avast is a popular anti-virus program designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux computer users.  It is available in 41 different languages and has won awards for 100% detection of viruses.  This software specializes in blocking viruses and spyware and has the ability to secure your personal information and all of your stored data as well.
AVG is highly popular software available to download onto your computer. Many people use AVG not only on their PC’s and laptops but also on their mobile phones.  It detects malware, viruses and other infections and attempts to stop them before they populate on your machine or device. An added feature of AVG is that it also claims to keep your banking and shopping records safe and untraceable so no one can get access to your credit card information or banking logins.
Avira is a nationally known and family owned business that specializes in anti-virus software and protecting your computer with its services.  They have over 100 million customers and are ranked at number six on the list of the largest anti-virus vendors worldwide.  The free system runs background checks on each file stored in your computer and updates itself automatically when the system has new updates.
Comodo is an anti-virus protection software that includes anti-malware protection, personal firewall, sandbox and intrusion prevention.  It can be installed on Microsoft computers and Linux systems as well.
Microsoft Security Essentials is perhaps the easiest and best free antivirus solution out there.  It is from Microsoft itself.  Unlike the old, pared-down “Defender” antivirus program this is a fully functional antivirus software suite that provides “real time shields.”  It protects against computer viruses, spyware, Trojan horses and even rootkits. It can be run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.  It is light and does not slow down your computer by draining system resources like some of the other products on this list.  This is my personal favorite as it is light, effective, and does not try to get users to upgrade to the pro-paid version every time they look up.

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