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At On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. we truly shine when it comes to troubleshooting and installing your file server (commonly just called a server). We do server repair, server service and network service for your business and are ready to … Continue reading

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POS Repair

  We can set you up to do break/fix calls on your current POS system or install a brand new one that is trouble free. Because of our established relationships with suppliers of POS equipment we can even offer you … Continue reading

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Website Development

  Whether you need a simple one to three page brochure style website or a full-blown e-commerce store with a shopping cart and checkout payment option, we’re here to help. We know it can be frustrating wading through all the options … Continue reading

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  We do every kind of computer system installation to suit your business technology needs. We’ll install workstations, phone systems, networks, servers and POS systems according to the requirements of your business environment.   Whether you need a simple set-up … Continue reading

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

   SEO Louisville There are few things more frustrating than building or paying for a website and not making it onto the first or second page of the search results. There are many reasons a website can be lost in … Continue reading

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Computer Services

Computer Service and Customer Service is what we are about.   Whatever you can imagine going wrong with your technology, we’re here to fix it. From printer problems and software issues to power supply trouble and router swaps, we’ve got you … Continue reading

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Used Computer Sales Louisville, KY -Refu...

Used Computers, New Computers, Refurbished Computers and Workstations For Business or Residential Customers    We keep a selection of new, used, and refurbished laptop and desktop computers in stock at all times.  If you want a new computer you can … Continue reading

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Emergency IT Support Small Business Comp...

  Don’t Lose Business – Get On-Site Emergency IT Support Now!   Is your Louisville-area small business experiencing a computer meltdown? Don’t panic! On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Company is here to provide rapid response emergency IT support and get your … Continue reading

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Computer Repair Techs From computer repair and laptop repair to Google help to PC tune-ups . . . . laptop screen repair and hard drive replacement to virus removalOn-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. in Louisville, KY is your local source for residential desktop computer repair, computer service, and laptop repair needs.
Our qualified techs provide expert, unhurried service for you, on your schedule, whether it’s during normal business hours or after . . .including weekends. Three levels of service: drop-off, on site, or pick-up and delivery allow you to have your computer serviced on your own terms — fast and easy!
On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. Chris Calkins Some common computer repairs or laptop repairs include: hard drive replacement, OS System upgrades, virus removals and tune-ups, keyboard replacements, DC Jack repair and charging issue repair and many more. It is a good idea to keep a list of all your computer issues you have and have a computer repair company out once a year for a virus check and removal, tune-up, home network check and then troubleshoot any problems you have on your list. Whatever your PC Repair issues let’s discuss it.

Need a new IT Company? Tired of not getting your phone call answered by your slacker IT person? Having problems with your important technology that runs your business?  We can help. And we are known for our fast deployment speed –often same day so you can focus on your business revenue and not on technology issues.
At On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. we understand that you are concerned with your revenue . . .delivering your goods and services to the end user. Any business computer services you need we can deliver.
On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. Owner Chris Calkins We install workstations, do server repair, printer hook-up, OS upgrades, wireless networking, cloud back-up, employee training, data recovery, custom software, emergency computer service, internet security, refurbished computer sales, software training, security cameras, controlled access, website design and much more including getting you found on search engines with superior SEO — and just about anything else you need for your business IT.
We understand if your computers and equipment are down it affects your customer service and revenue. We don’t only do computer repair . . . we provide outsourced computer services at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated IT person. So call On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. today for any information you need about IT!

No matter what reason you need laptop repair or computer services — whether you have a small problem or big problem we want to give you success.
At On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. we don’t believe in failure. We have a zero failure rate for residential computer repair and business computer service.  We will find you a fix to your problem — no matter how long it takes. Our company motto is to solve all problems, no matter what, and treat all our customers the way we would like to be treated. We do 100% success at solutions and customer service. All our work is guaranteed.
On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. Server Repair We will be there and working if there is any way on earth to get your technology up and running right again –we will find it. Sometimes we can even make a service call on the same day. We want you happy so you we can earn your business for the future and develop a relationship.
We could not live without our computers and technology and we certainly don’t expect our customers to, either. We offer emergency computer service to get your technology running better.


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Computer Repair

   Computer Repair & Computer Service in Louisville, KY


Computer repair, laptop repair or computer service issues can cause great distress. We understand your possible stress and keep that in mind when talking to you about your technology repair needs. We are glad you have found our website and hope you choose us to be your technology partner. Whatever your need — we strive to build relationships and not just make a sale. It’s not about all about money with On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. We want you to have an excellent solution to your problem – no matter what.


We Have A Large Service Area Around Louisville, KY . . .and we love our neighbors in Indiana. We do on-site computer service for our friends in Clarksville, IN ; Jeffersonville, IN;  New Albany, IN; Sellersburg, IN; and Corydon, IN and anywhere else in Southern Indiana.  We can assist with all your laptop repair and computer repair needs — hardware and software, business and residential we will help!


“We strive to treat customers the way we want to be treated by providing the smartest computer repair solution at the best price possible.” -Chris Calkins, Owner


Six Computer Services You Might Not Know You Need


1. Old Computer Pick Up and Recycling: Do you have a closet full or basement full of computers you don’t know what to do with? You’re not alone! If you recycle it, rather than throw it away your computer might end up in a school or at another worthwhile organization. You can get a tax write-off and help your community. On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. can help with removing your data from your computer prior to donation.

2. Data destruction: Are you afraid to donate your old computers because you want your data to be protected? Good thinking! We follow Department of Defense Data Destruction Protocols when handling your old machine and can make sure you data is gone permanently so you can donate your old computers and still sleep well at night. Protecting your identity and your important sensitive information is our specialty and primary concern. Before you sell, give, or throw away a computer, consider using this service.

3. Tune Up: Just like your car, your computer needs a tune up every once in a while, too. Desktop computers and laptop computers accumulate registry errors, the hard drive becomes fragmented, junk files accumulate, programs become outdated, bad utilities and toolbars get installed by accidents, software conflicts occur and the list goes on and on. A competent computer repair firm can identify these issues and prevent significant problems down the road. We recommend a semi-annual tune-up and virus check and virus removal.

4. Virus Removal: Nearly everyone has had a computer virus at some point. Some viruses are merely annoying; others can render your computer inoperable. While anti-virus programs can detect and prevent many viruses, the newest viruses often aren’t detected by anti-virus suites. Unfortunately, many viruses work behind the scenes and slowly disrupting your computer without you even knowing you have them on your machine. Up to 30% computers have a virus and the user doesn’t know about it. It’s a good idea to get a virus check with your annual computer tune-up.

5. New Computer Set Up: Computers continue to grow in power and capability each year, but the documentation that accompanies new computers seems to grow smaller and smaller. We can come to your location and unbox and set up your new computer or laptop. We can remove bloatware (free trials and junk) transfer your files and software, optimize your computer or laptop settings, set up your printer and provide some training on your new machine.

6. Home Office and Work from Home Solutions: As the work from home revolution continues to grow and evolve new IT and computer service solutions are needed by people with a home office. The normal IT company from “the office” might no longer be available. We can be your own private weapon to help you do computer work from home and move up the corporate and work ladder. Whatever you need from Microsoft Outlook issues, home office setup, home printer and scanner problems, Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams help, Online meetings help, webcam setups, and many other home office computer needs we can help! Just call the office for a home office computer setup or help request today!


Tech Support & Other Scams are at Epidemic Levels!

There are all kinds of phone and computer scams going on these days. You might have received a call from the “FBI”, “IRS” telling you that the police are on the way to your home this very second. The scammer then directs you to go to your computer where they take remote access and help you transfer funds to them to solve the problem. Or sometimes you get an email or mysteriously land on a website where someone that identifies himself or herself as a Microsoft technician or a Norton technician, for example, and says they noticed a problem with your computer. Of course, the advised solution in these scams is to hand over control of your computer to the caller. You are often advised to download and install a remote access program and well, that’s where the problem begins.
The caller can then access your computer through their computer. The caller then has the ability to install any type of malware he chooses, view your data, or extort money from you. Often, you are then given the privilege of paying for this service, usually several hundred dollars. Guess what, now they have your credit card or debit card information, too!
How to Identify Tech Support Scams:
A company isn’t going to call you to initiate technical support. Think about it. Would Microsoft, or any other large company, care enough to spend resources reaching out to you to solve your computer issue? Unlikely. Try getting tech support when you need it, and you’ll quickly realize how silly it is to believe they’re going to track you down when you need help. And remember, tech support scams can also be initiated online. You might receive a pop-up or be redirected from a webpage to another website.
The URL is nonsense. Instead of a website like, you’ll see something like
You’ll often have trouble closing the webpage. The window will expand to take over your entire screen. You might lose access to your toolbar, too.
You might hear an alarm or other obnoxious sound. This is to create a sense of urgency. Again, you might lose control of the active window. There might be a message informing you there is malware on your computer. Just turn down the volume, and use the ctrl-alt-delete trick.
All of these tech support scams ultimately aim to separate you from your money. Trust your instincts, stay calm, and ignore all of these scams. They can’t harm you unless you help them to do so. At the end of the day the best way to protect yourself is to get a relationship with a competent local computer repair person whom you talk to regularly and NEVER let anyone else have remote access to your computer.

  Computer Repair Services List

Work-From-Home Computer Solutions, In-Home Computer Help, Home Office Computer Help, Zoom Meeting Help, Webcam Help, Home Office Computer Set-up, Computer Virus Removal, Computer Sales, Password Removal, New Computer Sales, Computer Upgrades, Wireless Connections, New Computer Set-Up, DC Jack Repair, Used Computer Sales, Refurbished Computer Sales, Business Computer Sales, Computer Charging Port Repair, Motherboard Repair, Server Repair, File Server Installation, Server Configuration, Motherboard Replacement, Business Computer Service, File Server Service, Virus Removal, Anti-virus Software, Computer Security Analysis, Computer Network Installation, Computer Performance Evaluation and Optimization, Wireless Network Troubleshooting, Computer Software Installation, PC Hook-up, Computer Training, Microsoft Office Training, Internet Search Training, PC Maintenance, Data Transfer, Data Back-up, Data Recovery, Computer Updates, Software Updates, Windows Upgrades, Laptop Screen Repair, RAM Upgrades, Printer Hook-up, Virus Protection, Software Installation, Email Set-up, E-bay Listings, Malware (Spyware, Adware, Trojans, etc.) Removal, Laptop Screen Panels, Laptop Spill Damage Repair, Laptop Fans Repair, New Keyboards, Laptop Hinge Repair, Computer Data Transfer, Flash Drive Data Recovery, Computer Power Supply Replacement, Computer Diagnostics, Hard-drive Upgrades, Computer Tune-ups, Wireless Access Points Installation, Wireless Extender Installation, Network Security Audits, Disaster Recovery Planning, IT Asset Management, Cloud Computing Solutions, Mobile Device Management, VoIP Phone System Setup, Data Encryption Services, VPN Configuration, Firewall Setup and Management, Network Cable Installation, PC Gaming Setup and Optimization, Remote Desktop Support, Smart Home Device Setup, Software Licensing Management, Backup Power Supply Installation (UPS), E-Waste Recycling, Website Development and Hosting, Social Media Management, SEO and Online Marketing, Graphic Design Services, Business Email Hosting, CRM System Setup and Integration, ERP System Implementation, Database Management, Project Management Software Setup, Collaboration Tools Setup (e.g., Slack, Teams), Cloud Backup Solutions, PC Performance Benchmarking, 3D Printing Setup and Support, Cybersecurity Training, IoT Device Integration, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Point of Sale (POS) System Setup, Compliance and Regulatory Consulting, SaaS Application Support, IT Help Desk Services, Technical Writing and Documentation, Digital Transformation Consulting, Inventory Management Systems, Energy-Efficient Computing Solutions, Green IT Consulting, Technical Support for Remote Workers, Automated System Monitoring and Alerts, Hack Help, One Drive Removal, Microsoft One Drive Problems, Data Loss, PC Scam Remediation, Computer Scam Help, Computer Hacking Clean-up, Tech Support Scam Removal, Microsoft Tech Support Scam, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Setup, Smart Home Security System Installation, Machine Learning Model Deployment, Autonomous Device Configuration, Edge Computing Solutions, Quantum Computing Consultation, Digital Twin Technology Services, and Internet of Things (IoT) Security.

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We offer three levels of computer service. Drop off, pick up and delivery and on site service with drop off being the lowest cost and on site being the highest. We offer these three service levels so people can choose the level of service they require and fits their budget. The one exception is we usually do NOT do hardware repairs on-site except in the case of emergencies (you are homebound, you handle highly sensitive data for the military, etc.) Hardware repairs need to be performed at our shop with electrostatic mats, soldering stations, magnification and lighting, and other specialized equipment present.

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