Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair Louisville, KYBoard level repairs are a common problem . . .especially with laptops. The bus and airflow architecture of a laptop computer is very delicate.  If the airflow requirements of the motherboard are compromised for any reason — animal hair, age, blocked fan basins, dusty fan basins, bad design, etc. — you could have a thermal related motherboard issue occur. In other words, your board can be damaged by heat. Sometimes motherboard damage occurs even after normal use.  If you need motherboard repair or replacement in Louisville, KY we have the capability to get the job done for you at the best possible price.
Signs You Might Have a Board Level Issue
The machine powers on but no live screen
This is one of the symptoms of a motherboard problem. The video output section on your motherboard is what takes care of the screen display. In some makes and models especially these are known to fail. If you can see the light on your machine and hear the fans moving but have nothing displayed on the screen this might be an issue with your motherboard.
The computer turns on and then powers itself off shortly thereafter
This is exactly what happens when there is a short circuit in the motherboard or a heat related motherboard issue. When your laptop or desktop computer detects the problem or can’t function correctly it shuts down automatically. This can be caused by capacitors or other board level damage.
The computer shuts off when stressed
It is a sure symptom of heat issues or motherboard issues. This happens when the voice card, graphic card and other components attached to your motherboard have been affected by heat. It may also happen when you play games which need additional graphic card support. It might be a compatibility issue with your graphics card — but can also be burnt circuits or other issues with your motherboard.
The computer is totally dead and won’t power on whatsoever
Sometimes the power supplied to the motherboard is not being distributed and this may prevent the computer from starting up. Sometimes this is an easy fix; however, a “dead computer” (no lights, no fans, no noise) is a symptom of motherboard failure.
The machine powers on but you hear beeps or see lights flashing on the keyboard
A series of beeps or lights flashing on your tower or keyboard might indicate your motherboard needs to be repaired or replaced and it’s time to have your laptop checked by a professional.
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