Computer Repair Floyds Knobs, IN

Computer Repair Floyds Knobs, INFloyds Knobs has slowly transitioned from being known as a farming community to a popular place to live for those that commute to Louisville, KY. This quaint town was named after Colonel Davis Floyd. And, we think Floyds Knobs, IN has the best views in the entire area.  From Paoli Pike to Scottsville Road to Lafayette Parkway we go all over the Floyds Knobs area and we love providing computer repair and service to our many customers in Floyds Knobs and would welcome new customers as well.  Some of the computer repair and services we provide are:
Hard Drive Replacements and Upgrades, DC Jack Repair, Laptop Case Repairs, Screen Repairs, New Computer Hook-Ups, New Router Installation, Laptop Screen Repairs. Slow Computer Analysis and much more. 
We can often get to you for a house call on the same day so call us now to schedule your appointment and have your computer repair problems go away — forever. 
Computer Repair Pro Tips:  How to Speed Up Your Computer


  1. 1. Replace your computer’s hard drive. You might be surprised to know that your computer probably has an outdated, stale mechanical hard drive that is slowing down your performance.  It should be replaced with a newer type of drive called a “solid state drive” which is up to 15 times faster.
  2. 2. Minimize the number of programs that launch on startup. Every software company wants their program to run in the background as soon as you start your computer. Not only does it take longer for your computer to start, but it also eats into your RAM, which further slows your computer.
  3. 3. Clean up your hard drive. As a hard drive nears capacity, your computer runs slower. Delete unneeded files and give your computer some room to breathe.
  4. 4. Uninstall Old Software. Remove any software you don’t use anymore including any antivirus software or tune-up utilities.

If you need help diagnosing why your computer is running too slowly, we can help you with that. Call us today!
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