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Home Networking Louisville, KYAre you stuck in a network nightmare at your house or business? Because we do business networking, home networking comes naturally to us. We can get you completely set up with your new computer and help connect it properly to all the peripherals you may have, such as printer, speakers and router.
If you’re having trouble with a bad signal from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) then On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. can come to your home and assess the situation and test your signal. If you have a large house or an older house with plaster and thick walls that are causing your wi-fi signal to fail or not reach far enough then we can look at your home network and provide a fix. If you need home networking or any  other computer services we’re here to help.
Here are Some Home and Small Business Networking Issues You Might Have
1. Slow internet speeds: When devices on a home network are using a lot of bandwidth, it can slow down the overall internet speeds for all devices.
2. Connection drops: Devices may experience intermittent loss of connection to the home network, causing disruptions in internet access and communication with other devices.
3. Network security: Home networks are susceptible to cyber attacks and unauthorized access if proper security measures, such as strong passwords and firewall settings, are not in place.
4. Interference from other electronic devices: Microwave ovens, cordless phones, and other electronic devices can interfere with the signal of a home network, causing connectivity issues.
5. Outdated hardware: Older routers and modems may not be able to handle the demands of modern internet usage, leading to slower speeds and dropped connections.
6. Network congestion: When multiple devices are using the home network simultaneously, it can lead to congestion and slow speeds for all devices.
7. Limited range: Some home networks may have limited range, making it difficult for devices in certain areas of the home to connect to the network.
8. Compatibility issues: Devices with different operating systems or network protocols may have difficulty communicating on the same home network.
9. Bandwidth allocation: Some devices may hog the available bandwidth, causing slower speeds for other devices on the network.
10. Firmware issues: Outdated or faulty firmware in routers and other network devices can cause performance issues and security vulnerabilities.
Computer Repair Topic: The Antivirus Software Scandal
There was a time that every computer user was terrified of all manners of malware. The only logical response was to install antivirus software on your computer as soon as possible. And there was a good reason; it’s hard to find someone that didn’t suffer from a malware attack at some point.
But times have changed. When was the last time you, or someone you know, had to deal with a computer virus? It’s not a common occurrence anymore. And, unfortunately, most antivirus programs are ineffective.
Do you need antivirus software? Read on and decide for yourself.
1. Windows includes free, high quality antivirus software called Windows Defender. You’ve already paid for Windows, whether you realize it or not. If you’re using Windows 10, there isn’t a good reason to spend your money on additional antivirus protection.

○ Historically, Windows antivirus programs were underwhelming, but testing shows the newest version of Windows deals with viruses and other malware just as well as the third-party vendors software.
2. Antivirus software slows your computer. Antivirus software updates itself frequently. This can bring your computer speed down to a crawl. An antivirus program is always running and hogs system resources.
3. By default, antivirus programs are always out of date. Antivirus software is developed to deal with existing viruses. When a new virus is released, you’re not protected until the company that developed your antivirus software puts in the time, energy, and money to address it. During that time, your antivirus program is worthless.
4. The companies that make antivirus software aren’t always trustworthy. There have been several scandals involving antivirus software developers. One popular antivirus company is in hot water for selling user web browsing information to third parties. Another manufacturer of antivirus software has been accused of spying for the Russian government.
○ Antivirus programs have a lot of control over your computer system. They see everything. Do you have complete trust that your information is being kept safe?
Everyone must take responsibility for their computer security, but many experts believe that a third-party antivirus program is unnecessary today. It destroys computer performance, and it’s an unnecessary expense.
Do you need antivirus software? Probably not. Be responsible in your internet and email use, and you should be just fine. That means be careful with email attachments, and be careful about downloading any executable files. You don’t have to spend extra money to keep your computer safe.
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