DC Jack Repair

DC Jack RepairThe charging port on your laptop is one of the most delicate components on the machine and most people don’t realize this until it’s too late. Dogs, cats, children and adults can trip on the charging cord and yank on the DC jack until it disconnects from the motherboard. Sometimes people make the mistake of transporting their laptop with the charger left in the charging port only to find that their laptop will no longer charge when they reach their destination.


If you’ve had this problem and your charging port has become damaged or your laptop just won’t charge correctly then contact us at On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. about DC jack repair in Louisville, KY today.
Computer Repair Topic: Reasons to Upgrade Your Older Computer System
There comes a time when an older computer system should be replaced with a brand new computer. However, there’s a good case to be made for upgrading a computer system. It’s possible to enjoy significant cost savings while greatly boosting the performance and utility of your current computer. It might be time to refresh your computer rather than replace it.
There are several reasons to upgrade your computer:
1. Increased performance. More advanced computer hardware can enhance the speed and overall performance of your computer system.
○ A new CPU can greatly increase the speed of your computer during complex tasks.
○ A new hard drive can be faster and provide greater storage. Upgrading to a solid state drive can make a huge difference in computer speed. It’s also possible to add additional hard drives, rather than merely replace a drive.
○ A new graphics card can greatly increase the speed of your display under many conditions.
○ Installing more RAM can dramatically improve the speed of your computer.
2. Increased longevity. Let’s face it, no computer component is going to last forever. A new hard drive, for example, could add years to your computer’s lifespan. Replacing a few parts could allow your computer to serve your needs for several more years.
3. Lower initial cost. Upgrading can be less expensive than buying a new computer. It’s worth upgrading a computer a couple of times before paying for a new computer. The cost savings from a couple of upgrades can ultimately be put toward a new computer in the future.
4. Relevance. This is related to performance. Perhaps you want to upgrade to a more sophisticated video editing program and need additional computer horsepower.
○ There are new technologies developed all the time. At one time, it was necessary to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. There was a time when there was only one type of USB connector. As new technology becomes available, a simple computer upgrade can be a great way to bring your old computer into the present.
○ Rather than buying a new computer that has the features you want, why not just add those features to your existing computer? You don’t need a new computer if all you want are a few more USB ports, a larger monitor, and a second hard drive.
5. Greater reliability. Over time, even the best maintained computers can develop hiccups that are difficult to diagnose and correct. A fresh hard drive and a reinstall of the operating system can work wonders for a glitchy computer. A new hard drive will last longer than an old one, too.
Upgrading your current computer might be a wiser decision than purchasing a whole new system. Determine your needs and do some price shopping. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out you can get all the features you want while keeping your current computer. A new computer is rarely necessary to acquire the functionality you need.

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