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Computer Repair Topics: How Does a Business Computer Differ From a Home Computer?
Since PCs became popular, there have always been business computers and home computers. The computers are specialized to meet the needs of two different markets. The typical business user has needs that the home user doesn’t. The opposite is true, too. If you’re purchasing a computer to use at home, you have needs that a business PC is unlikely to meet.
Business computers seem similar to home models, but there are differences. The differences can be quite profound. Choosing the wrong type of computer can be a huge mistake.
Business class computers frequently have fewer features but are built more robustly. The construction and parts are of higher quality. Business computers use operating systems that provide better support for common business needs, such as joining a corporate network. The ‘home’ version of Microsoft Windows is lacking in security and networking features that business users often need. Remote desktop control is another feature valued by business users. Most business users don’t require the ability to edit a home video, organize 5,000 photographs, or watch a video in surround sound.
Which is best for you?
It really depends on your needs. If you require the latest technology and a super high-resolution screen, a home computer is the only choice. For most business applications, older technology is perfectly fine. If the computer will be used for data entry and record keeping, a business PC is perfect. The business computer will be more reliable, easier to troubleshoot and maintain, and have the features that a business user requires.
Home PCs are certainly better for gaming, using media, and general use. In most cases, a home computer will have more features at a lower price point, but service, reliability, and lifespan are sacrificed.
Make of list of your requirements and then find the computer that best satisfies your needs.
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