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Computer Repair Mt. Washington, KYWe are in South Louisville  every week serving customers in Brooks, Mt Washington, and surrounding areas.  House calls or pickup and delivery are a few of the services we offer customers in the South Louisville area.  We serve Brooks, KY; Brownington, KY; Clermont, KY; Fox Chase, KY; Hebron Estates, KY; Hillview, KY; Hunters Hollow, KY; Lebanon Junction, KY; Shepherdsville, KY; Pioneer Villlage, KY; and Solitude, KY.   We provide all types of computer repair and service for desktop computers and laptop computers for both businesses and residential customers.
Computer Repair Topic:  9 Possible Reasons Your Computer Is Slow
Everyone has suffered with a slow computer at one time or another. It can be quite maddening. Some of the causes are temporary, while others continue until the cause is addressed. If your computer isn’t sufficient to run your software, a new computer may be in order. Regardless of the cause, there is always a solution.
1. Insufficient RAM: All running programs require at least a small amount of Random Access Memory. Some programs require quite a bit. If your computer doesn’t have enough unused RAM, it can run very slowly.
2. Too many running programs: There are more applications running on your computer that you probably realize. As previously mentioned, each of those programs is taking a toll on your RAM. The programs that are actively running are also using valuable CPU capacity.
3. Your wireless network is busy. If your computer is running well but your internet connection very slow, it’s possible that someone else is hogging your bandwidth. It’s also possible that you have an application that’s using your connection; perhaps a program is updating itself.
4. Your hard drive has a slow speed. Programs are ultimately stored on your hard drive in fragments. The computer does this to utilize all the available space. When a program is broken into too many fragments, your computer can run much more slowly. Defragment your hard drive periodically.
5. Your computer has too much software. Many computer owners keep their computers turned on 24/7. This is fine, but it’s necessary to reboot your computer occasionally. Operating system updates can take place, and “stuck” programs can be terminated. Sometimes a reboot is a miraculous cure.
6. Virus or other malware: If your computer is running slowly, malware might be the culprit. Keep your anti-malware programs up to date.
7. Your computer is insufficient for your software: This is a common occurrence when older computers attempt to run newer software, particularly games or other graphics-intensive applications. If your computer isn’t up to the task, it can run very slowly. The only solution is to upgrade your computer, by either installing better components or purchasing a new system.
8. Insufficient free hardware space: All computers will slow down as the hard drive reaches capacity. Your computer requires a certain amount of hard drive space for temporary storage and other uses.
9. An anti-malware or other scanning program is active. These programs are important, but require a lot of your system’s resources. Plan on taking a break while these programs are running. Better yet, start these programs when you retire for the evening. Sleep while your computer is busy.
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