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Computer Repair Prospect, KYProspect, Kentucky is one of our regularly traveled routes. We are in Prospect, KY providing computer service almost every day. Call (502) 963-3981 and we can do pick up and delivery or come to your location and do your repair onsite. Desktop computer repair, business computer service, hard drive replacements, operating system upgrades, file system errors, virus removals, printer set-up or anything else you need to keep your technology up and running perfectly. We do computer repair, laptop repair and computer service in all areas of Oldham County, KY including Ballardsville, Glenview, Glenview Hills, Glenview Manor, Brownsboro, Buckner, Centerfield, Crestwood, Floydsburg, Goshen, Orchard Grass Hills, Park Lake, Pewee Valley, Prospect, River Bluff and Westport.
There are a multitude of issues that can affect the proper functioning of your computer. These can be divided into software and hardware issues. Without the necessary technical expertise, it can be challenging to diagnose the cause of computer problems. Many small problems can cause systemic issues that are hard to diagnose.
Determining whether an issue is software or hardware related isn’t always easy but here are some common problems I encounter on a weekly basis.
Software Problems


    2. Malware and Infection

    4. Operating System Failure

    6. Slow Computer

    8. Other Software Dysfunction


Hardware Problems


    2. Bad Power Supply

    4. Hard Drive Failure

    6. Overheating

    8. RAM issues

    10. Motherboard Failure

    12. DC Jack Failure

    14. Laptop Case Failure


. . . and many more . . . .
Computer problems can be caused by a variety of issues. Some are software related, and others are hardware related. It’s not always easy to determine what’s responsible for faulty computer performance. Diagnosing computer problems is part science and part art. It is very easy to create an even greater problem; this is especially true with software-related issues.  Call us at On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Co. today to discuss any of the above computer problems or any others you might be experiencing.
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