Computer Repair New Albany, IN

Computer Repair New Albany, IN
New Albany was established in 1813 after the American Revolution by three brothers: Joel, Nathaniel, and Abner Scribner. It was named after Albany, NY.
We love New Albany Indiana. It is a beautiful place and we do computer service for several businesses in downtown New Albany and 100’s of residential customers in Southern Indiana. We are in Georgetown, IN, Charlestown, IN, Floyds Knobs, IN, Salem, IN, Speed, IN,  Greenville, IN and surrounding areas in Floyd County, IN and beyond. Free pick-up and delivery for all computer repairs in Floyd County. No trip charge for on-site computer services in New Albany. I’m in the area a lot and have done multiple projects for customers there. We can do pick up and delivery or come to your location in Indiana for no more than customers in Louisville, KY pay for laptop repair, desktop computer repair, business computer service, hard drive replacements, operating system upgrades, file system errors printer set-up or anything else you need.
Pro Tech Question: How Long Does a Hard Drive Last?
Hard Disk Drives (HDD) have moving parts and consequently, a shorter lifespan than other options. One often quoted study found that 90% of HDDs last 3 years before failing, and 80% last 4 years. It is recommended that an HDD be replaced after 4 years, but there are no guarantees. That’s why it’s so important to back up your data regularly, and replace your hard disk drive(s) if you have an older computer.
The other primary option is a Solid State Drive (SDD). These drives avoid the use of moving parts and are a type of flash memory, very similar to a USB stick drive. With normal use, it’s been suggested that SSD could last 50 years or more!
Solid state drives are more expensive than hard disk drives for the same size drive, but the prices are becoming more reasonable all the time.
We’d be happy to discuss your hard drive options with you.
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