Computer Repair Pewee Valley, KY

Computer Repair PeWee Valley, KY
Pewee Valley, named after the Eastern Wood Pewee bird is an extremely charming community. Town Square, Central Park…wow.  What a lovely place to visit. We will come to Pewee Valley ANYTIME for computer service 24/7/365.  Please let us know how we can help with laptop repair, computer repair or computer services for your home, office, retail, health care or industrial needs.  We provide computer repair house calls to all areas of Pewee Valley and all areas of Louisville, KY.

Computer Repair Topic: 7 Major Components of a Computer
CPU/Processor. The CPU is the brains of your computer.
Motherboard. This is the primary circuit board in your computer. Everything ultimately plugs into the motherboard. This includes the CPU, graphics card, RAM, sound card, and hard drive.
Power supply. Think of this as the power distribution box for your computer. There are multiple power connectors from the power supply that are plugged into various components of your computer, such as the hard drive, to provide power.
Graphics card. Some motherboards have a graphics module built in. A graphics card renders the image that you see on your computer. Your monitors actually plugs into the graphics cards. Graphics cards are available in a wide variety of performance levels.
Sound card. What the graphics card does for graphics, the sound card does for sound. Most computers have built-in sound, but a sound card can be added for higher performance.
RAM. This is random access memory. Your computer uses this as temporary memory storage. This type of memory is volatile, meaning the information is lost when the computer is powered down.
Hard drive. This is a permanent data storage device. Data can be stored and retrieved.
Do you have questions about your computer? Give us a call. We’d love to help.

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