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Computer Repair Shepherdsville, KYWe are in South Louisville and Bullitt County every week serving customers in Brooks, Mt Washington, and surrounding areas.  House calls or pickup and delivery are a few of the services we offer customers in the South Louisville area.  We serve Brooks, KY; Brownington, KY; Clermont, KY; Fox Chase, KY; Hebron Estates, KY; Hillview, KY; Hunters Hollow, KY; Lebanon Junction, KY; Mount Washington, KY; Pioneer Villlage, KY; and Solitude, KY.   We provide all types of computer repair and service for desktop computers and laptop computers for both businesses and residential customers.
Computer Repair Tips: Prepare Your Computer For A Computer Repair
There’s more to taking your computer to the shop than simply unplugging it and tossing it in the backseat of your car. Several steps should be taken before giving any stranger access to your computer. There are also several things you can do to help your computer professional repair your computer more quickly and easily. Protect your privacy and your data before making a repair visit.
Consider the following steps before having your computer repaired:


  1. Backup Your Data. Your hard drive can be a delicate thing. Accidents happen. It’s also possible that the computer professionals will have to wipe your hard drive and reinstall windows. It would be nice to have all of your data files backed up and ready to go. External hard drives are quite inexpensive now and a great way to ensure that your data stays safe. It’s also easy and will save you money if your OS needs to be reinstalled you won’t have to pay for extra “data backup.”
  2. Log out of websites and remove windows password. Log out of email, financial, social media, and other accounts before taking your computer in for repair. While you’re at it, clear your browser history and delete any cookies. Also, remove your windows password.
  3. Ask about your cables and accessories. The repair location may or may not need certain things. Ask before your bring your keyboard, power cord, monitor, or anything else you think might be needed. There’s no point in creating more work for yourself.
  4. Before making the trip, ask what you should do to prepare your computer. Depending on your computer and the issue, the instructions may vary. Simply ask.

The above steps are insurance that your files and privacy will stay safe and secure and help your assist your computer repair professional. You’ll be helping yourself, too.


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