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Computer Repair La Grange, KYWe have 20 years computer repair and service experience and we offer free house calls or pickup and delivery to La Grange, KY for all types of computer repair, laptop repair, computer service and IT Service for residential or commercial customers. From the restaurant One Nineteen West Main to Mt Olivet Road to Eagle Creek Golf course we have all types of customers: residential, commerical, retail and more in the area. We are in La Grange on an almost daily basis and serve all areas Oldham County. Call (502) 963-3981 for a free phone consultation now.
Other areas we serve in Oldham County are Ballardsville, KY; Brownsboro, KY; Buckner, KY; Centerfield, KY; Crestwood, KY; Floydsburg, KY; Goshen, KY: Orchard Grass Hills, KY; Park Lake, KY; Pewee Valley, KY; Prospect, KY; River Bluff, KY; Westport, KY and more.
Computer Pro Tip: How to Prevent Windows From Slowing Down
Windows just seems to slow down over time, but there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

  1. Be choosy about the software you install on your computer. Are you actually going to use it? Do you trust the source?

  3. Pay attention to what you’re installing. Ensure that you’re not adding any spyware, browser toolbars, or other harmful/unnecessary files when installing new software.

  5. Uninstall software you’re not using. This frees up space on your hard drive and minimizes the number of programs running in the background.

  7. Do not run clean up utilities or automatic registry cleaners
    Eliminate browser extensions you don’t use. Extensions slow down your browser and your computer.
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