Photo Transfer – Smartphone to Computer

With a smartphone, clicking and transferring pictures is an easy task! Just keep clicking and when done transfer them to your computer. Only how to do it?  Transferring pictures from a Smartphone to computer can be done in a number of ways . . . here are the most popular below.

Send As Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)

Ever texted someone a picture?  You just used MMS. Smartphones have an option to send images via MMS usually just by touching the image you wish to send and following some simple menu commands. To send the image to your computer, instead of filling the cell number, you will need to fill your Email in the send section. Once sent, you can login to your email and quickly download the photo, which comes as an attachment.

USB Cable Method

All Smartphones should come with an USB cable, which connects to any computer directly. If not you can call your cell phone provider and request a USB transfer cable.  Your phone needs to be ON, when you plug the cable into your phone and computer. A new drive will come up (or populate in the “my computer” window of your PC where your other drives can be accessed), then search your phone for images right from your computer.  You open the files in your phone, just like you would open a flash drive — two quick left clicks. Then drag and drop pictures wherever you store your photos on your computer.

Memory Card Method

Most smartphones have an internal memory card called a micro SD chip; check if your phone has one by removing the back cover and looking for a small chip with a memory designation such as “2gb” on it. If you need help you can visit your cell phone provider and they will help you for no charge.   Pictures which you would like to transfer can be plugged directly into your computer usually SD to Micro SD adapter which can be purchased for about $10 almost anywhere with an electronics department.

Sync Method

Sync your phone and computer and the photographs will be automatically transferred to the computer. If you have syncing enabled on your phone once you plug your phone to your computer it will quickly prompt the computer to open the specific photo application that displays the pictures on the Smartphone. Select to upload photos and place them in your photo folder on your PC>

Bluetooth Method

Activate the Bluetooth of your Smartphone. It is usually found in Settings or Control. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned ON in your computer. Bluetooth settings are usually in the system tray of tiny icons in the bottom right hand corner of your taskbar.  With Mac’s it is located on the upper toolbar, ride side. Open the pictures gallery in your Smartphone and select send or copy option. Next choose the Bluetooth option. After confirming that you intend to enable Bluetooth, you will find the menu usually pops up automatically. Click ‘look for devices’ and select your Computer name or ID from the list. A request will be immediately sent requesting communication from your computer and phone.  Then simply then simply drag your pictures to the appropriate folder on your computer.

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