Computer Repair Hurstborne, KY

Computer Repair Hurstborne, KY
On-Site Louisville Comptuer Repair Company has been serving Hurstborne, KY and Hurstborne Lane area for many years providing service that is dependable, convienent, honest, and painless.  Is your computer slow? Broken Laptop Screen? Won’t start? Need to recover files from your old Computer? On-Site Louisville Computer Repair Company can fix your computer and offers: Windows 10 Upgrades, virus removal, tune-ups, computer diagnostics, home network troubleshooting, customer gaming computer builds, office business service and much more.
We service Hurstborne, KY and surrounding areas such as: St. Matthews, KY; Meadowview Estates; Hurstborne Acres; Middletown, KY; Shelbyville Rd; Douglas Hills; Beechwood Village and many more areas in Louisville. 
Computer Repair Topics: Which Components of a Computer can be Upgraded?
This is a bit of a trick question, because technically almost all the components of a computer can be upgraded. The real question is, which components are worth upgrading? That really depends on your intended use for the computer.
These are a few common computer upgrades:
RAM. If you don’t have enough RAM, an upgrade can have a huge impact on your computer’s performance. If you already have enough, an upgrade won’t make much of a difference. Most computer users would enjoy the benefit of moving from 4GB to 8 GB. For more intense computing tasks, 16GB or more can be desirable.
Graphics Card (Desktop Only, Usually). Serious gamers, and those that do any 3D modeling or animation would be well-served to use an aftermarket graphics card instead of using the integrated graphics card. Also, anyone wanting to run dual monitors might upgrade from on-board graphics to a separate graphics card.
SSD. Switching from a convention mechanical hard disk drive to a solid state drive can speed up your computer’s disk read and write times by ten-fold.
Operating System. Recently it’s been Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrades that most people have been doing; however, it can be service packs or large updates that need to be done by a professional also.  Sometimes these updates will not download and install correctly.  Or, if they do they don’t go on well and cause dysfunction in the software enviroment.
These are among the most common computer upgrades and can provide an excellent boost in performance for the money spent.
If you’d like to discuss Computer Repair in Hurstborne, KY upgrading, repair or replacing your computer, please contact us.

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