Five Websites That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Websites aren’t just for entertainment; a great website can truly have a positive impact on your life. The amount of information available is simply incredible. You probably already spend a lot of time online. Doesn’t it make sense to spend some of that time on websites that can actually improve the quality of your life?

Check out these five great websites:

1. YouTube: With YouTube, you can watch funny, interesting, or educational videos. Perhaps more importantly, you can share videos with friends and family members. You can post videos and make money. You can learn a new skill. You can market your product, business, or service. You can even launch your standup comedy or music career. YouTube is for more than getting a good laugh. The possibilities are endless.

2. Wikipedia: There’s not much you can’t find on Wikipedia. It’s the dream website for any student writing a paper and the go-to place for anyone needing quick and accurate information. It’s the online equivalent to the Encyclopedia Britannica’s many of us grew up with. It’s among the largest and most respected websites in the world. If you consider yourself an expert on a topic, you can even add to the knowledge base. That’s what makes this website so powerful; it’s a constantly growing and evolving set of digital encyclopedias.

3. Amazon: If you’re looking to buy or sell a product, it would be difficult to find a larger marketplace. Not only can you easily find those hard-to-find items, you can also sell your own products in the Amazon marketplace. Don’t have a product to sell? You can act as an affiliate for Amazon. More than a few people make a full-time living from affiliate activities.

4. EBay: This is the place to sell your used items. It is similar to Amazon in that it’s a world marketplace but it’s in an auction style format rather than being an Estore. Not only goods but services can also be bought and sold, too, within certain parameters. Many people earn their entire income from selling on eBay. It’s a great place to launch a business or add a part-time income or locate hard-to-find items without even leaving your home office.

5. Microsoft: If you use Microsoft Windows or any Microsoft product, the Microsoft website can be a real lifesaver. Microsoft provides email services, Microsoft Office, Xbox, cloud computing, Bing, MSN, and Skype. Head on over to and see everything they offer. There’s a lot more than just Windows updates to be found here. You can also troubleshoot many of your own computer repair problems right on the website.

6. Google: Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world and with good reason. With the Google Search Engine, anything you ever wanted to know is right at your fingertips. The average user can use Google to find information about anything they want to know. From where to have dinner, to answers to your crossword puzzle, to information about your health. It’s the most powerful, transformational, information tool ever invented. If knowledge is power….Google evens the power playing field….you’re only limited on what you can learn about by your creativity and search ability.

There are many great websites that can significantly and dramatically improve the quality of your life. Check out the websites listed above and you might be surprised by how much a few websites can influence your knowledge and life for the better. For more light, fun, and useful articles for the masses on computer related issues visit my blog called PC News. For information on Computer Repair in Louisville, KY visit my website home page hereThere is also more information about website design and development and SEO on my site.

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