Laptop Repair – Should I Fix It or Just Replace?

Laptop repair is frequently a better option than replacement. And if you find the right computer repair shop, there’s a good chance your laptop can be saved for a modest cost. But it’s not always easy to determine the best solution. Some repairs are almost too expensive to justify.  And some laptops are simply at the end of their lifespan. Below are some tips.

Consider the following when deciding to repair or replace your laptop:

1.Determine the source of the problem.

Some laptop issues are an easy fix – some aren’t. The first step is to research computer repair shops online and find one with a good reputation.  When you drop off your laptop ask the laptop repair technician to call you with an estimate BEFORE the repair is started.  A qualified and competent computer repair technician should be willing and able — after accessing your laptop issue — to help you decide if it is worth fixing or if it’s time to replace.

2.Consider your options. With good information, the available options can be considered.

How serious is the problem? Some problems are a huge hassle and hardly worth the money. Failed components, a hard drive for example, are an easy and relatively inexpensive fix. Laptop screen repair is a fairly inexpensive fix.  Conversely, a failed motherboard is quite expensive to replace and can take several weeks.

Is your laptop older than 5 years? Most experts feel that a computer older than five years is nearing the end of life expectancy, and anything less than 3 years should be repaired. But this is only a generalization and there are many other factors to consider.

What is the cost of a new laptop? What would you gain with a new laptop? Do the newer models have features that are important to you? Consumer Reports states that a computer should be repaired if the cost is less than half the cost of a similar, new model. Higher quality and more expensive laptops are generally more worthy of repair.

3. Do Your Homework

Does the repair company have a good reputation? There’s nowhere to hide online. A laptop repair company’s reputation is easy to find with a little digging. A good reputation can be worth more than a good price.

Will they be using new parts or refurbished? Both can be acceptable, just be sure you know what you’re getting and the price is appropriate.

How long will it take? Can you live without your laptop during that time?

Is there a warranty? How long does it last? What does it cover?

Before getting rid of your broken laptop, consider the possibility of repair. It’s possible that your laptop needs a minimal amount of repair or maintenance to get it back in working order. The cost savings can be put to better use. For more information on Laptop Repair in Louisville, KY or for more blog articles like this visit our website.  And if you’re uncomfortable with the process feel free to call us for advice before you make a decision.  We will be glad to help. For more information on computer repair topics visit our website for all the latest laptop and computer repair news.

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